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    1. You are really something.  你真有兩下子。

    2. It s on me.  我請客,我來買單。

    3. Take it from me. 聽我的不會錯。

    4. We have a chemistry. 我們挺默契的。

    5. to get over jet leg.  倒時差

    6. Pull some s leg.  開某人玩笑

    7. Look on the bright side.  樂觀點

    8. Well put.  説得好。

    9. I am torn.  我正在糾結。

    10.I m out of here.  我要離開這兒了。

    11. So be it.  順其自然。

    12. Go big or go home.  要麼不做,要麼全力以赴。

    13. I ll be there in a minute.  我馬上就來。

    14. Pick up the slack.  收拾爛攤子。

    15. It s been a rough day.  今天很不順。

    16. I have a crush on you.  我好喜歡你。

    17. dark skin 皮膚黑 ;  fair skin 皮膚白;   

    I got tanned.  我被曬黑了。

    I tan easily in summer.  夏天我皮膚很容易黑。

    18. Keep up the good work. 再接再厲。

    19. First come, first served. 先到先得。

    20. to go for/ have a regular physical check-up  接受常規體檢。

    21. out of sorts  心情不好,身體不好。

    22. You made my day.  你讓我這一天很美好。

    23. Move the cell phone a bit away from you.  把手機放遠點。

    24. Sit up straight.  坐直了。

    25. He was kidding, but he wasn t far off.  他的確在開玩笑,但並不是空穴來風。

    26. Well, you re actually not far off the mark.  嗯,實際你説得基本正確。

    27. Enjoy yourself.  請自便。

    28. Take a rain check.  改天再約。

    29. That s really something.  真了不起。

    30. I m flattered.  過獎了。

    31. Don t get me wrong.  不要誤會我。

    32. I m boiling (hot).  我很熱。

    33. fingers crossed.  祝你好運。

    34. Break a leg.  祝你成功。

    35. one track mind.   腦子一根筋

    36. not one s cup of tea.  不是我的菜/不合胃口

    37. Suit yourself.  隨你高興。

    38. a ball of fire.   精力充沛的人。

    39. Here you go.  把東西給別人。

    40. He we go.  讓我們開始吧。

    41. A little bird told me.  我聽説的。

    42. Go fifty-fifty.  平分。

    43. You have my word.  我向你保證。

    44. devil s advocate.  魔鬼代言人(提出不受歡迎的對立觀點的人)。

    45. bump into  偶然遇見

    I bumped into her a few days ago.  我幾天前遇到她了。

    46. Are you jealous?  你吃醋啦?

    47. a back-up; a second choice; a just-in-case; a B-plan  備胎

    48. After you.  你先請!

    49. Don t take it to heart.  別往心裏去,別因此而費神。

    50. We d better be off.  我們該走了。

    51. Let s face it.  面對現實吧。

    52. Let s get started.  咱們開始幹吧。

    53. I m really dead.  我真的要累死了

    54. I ve done my best.  我已經盡力了。

    55. Is that so?  真是那樣的嗎?

    56. Don t play games with me.  別跟我耍花招

    57. I don t know for sure.  我不確切知道

    58.I m not going to kid you.  我不是跟你開玩笑的

    59. That s something. 太好了,太棒了

    60. Do you really mean it.  此話當真。

    61. You are a great help.  你幫了大忙了。

    62. I couldn t be more sure.  我再也肯定不過了

    63. I am behind you!  我支持你!

    64. I m broke.  我身無分文

    65. Mind you!   請注意!聽着!

    66. That depends.  看情況再説

    67. It s a deal.  一言為定。

    68. I didn’t know you have it in you.  沒想到你還有這兩下子。

    69. I’m in the know.  我知道內幕。

    70. Business before pleasure.  工作第一,娛樂第二。

    71. Can you contrive a meeting between us?  你能不能想個法讓我們見一面?

    72. He’s a Peter Pan.  他永遠也長不大。

    73. She categorically refused.  她一口拒絕。

    74. She takes offense very easily.  她很容易動怒。

    75. I felt snubbed.  我覺得有點不受尊重。

    76. Don’t muddy the waters.  別把問題搞複雜。

    77. It’s known in the trade as puff.  行話叫做忽悠。

    78. You should always shop around.  一定要貨比三家。

    79. How did you manage to land such a plum job?  你是怎麼得到這份肥差的?

    80. I can’t call to mind.  我想不起來了。

    81. He’s a debonair young man.  他風度翩翩。

    82. The peer pressure is tremendous.  周圍人的影響太大了。

    83. What’s the hold-up?  磨蹭什麼呢?

    84. You’re given a raw deal.  對你太不公平了。

    85. I just know her by name.  我知道她,但沒打過交道。

    86. You’re only his cat’s paw.  你只是他的工具而已。

    87. I’ve got knots in my stomach.  我心裏疙疙瘩瘩的。

    88. A guy heckled me.  一個傢伙攪我的局。

    89. He sent me profuse apologies.  他反覆道歉。

    90. Then I had a brainstorm.  突然我靈機一動。

    91. She exudes confidence.  她渾身散發着自信。

    92. So you get the best of both worlds.  這樣豈不兩全其美?

    93. Who knows! 天曉得!

    94. It s not a big deal! 沒什麼了不起!

    95. How come… 怎麼回事,怎麼搞的。

    96. Easy does it. 慢慢來。

    97. Don t push me.  別逼我。

    98. Come on!  快點,振作起來!

    99. Have a go of it.   玩得很高興。

    100. It s urgent.  有急事。

    101. What s the fuss? 吵什麼?

    102. Still up? 還沒睡呀?

    103. It doesn t make any difference.   沒關係。

    104. Don t let me down.   別讓我失望。

    105. God works.  上帝的安排。

    106. Don t think ill of me.   別生我氣。

    107. Hope so.   希望如此。

    108. Get down to business.   言歸正傳。

    109. None of my business.   不關我事。

    110. It doesn t work.   不管用。

    11. I m not going.    我不去了。

    112. Does it serve your purposes? 對你有用嗎?

    113. I don t care.  我不在乎。

    114. Not so bad.  不錯。

    115. No way!  不可能!

    116. Don t flatter me.  過獎了。

    117. You re welcome.  你太客氣了。

    118. There you go again.  你又來(這一套)了。

    119. You do the math.  你自己想想看。

    120. Make it quick.  長話短説。

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